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10 days 9 nights

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JEWISH HERITAGE / 10 days 9 nights


Once arrived, you will find our driver and guide who will escort you to your hotel for check in. Casablanca known for 10 or more sinagogues scattered around the city, we will start by Beth-El, the main centre piece for a one upon a time known Jewish community. The stainless steel windows and the vibrant artistic expressions all over the synagogue is what attracts most of the Jewish tourists coming to Morocco. Depending on your flight schedule, we can also schedule a visit to two interesting temples in the city, EmHabarim and NeveChalom. Once the visits are over, we will be heading for a special dinner at an old world country club where the Jewish community hangs out. At any given time you will find a group of people different ages playing cards and socializing in one of the side rooms.


Waking up early for breakfast and a explorational day ahead, we will discover the Moroccan Jewish heritage of the country and what it has to offer. Our first stop is the Museum of Moroccan Judais in Casablanca where you will learn about the Jewish community in Morocco and how it started. Right after we will head to the Jewish cemetery to pray for the souls who passed away in this beautiful land and then we will head to shop at the Mellah for some souvenirs and have some conversations with the locals. After a delicious Moroccan lunch, we are off to Rabat for a dinner and overnight.

DAY 3  RABAT – FES (Via Meknes &Volubilis)

Waking up in Rabat, we will head first with your guide to the Almohad northern walls of the Oudaïa Kasbah where he explains the history of this ancient Kasbah. Then, we are off Meknes, we start by Morocco’s most preserved Roman town Volubilis .Which dates back to the 300 B.C therefore, it has been considered the oldest Moroccan cities according to the excavations discovered there, and is recognized a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The next stop in our expedition will be the nearby MoulayIsmael Mausoleum, the holiest site that holds a special value in the hearts of the Moroccan people, it was the place where MoulayIsmaelsettled after bringing the Religion of Islam from the east. Later on, we will move to Meknes, also called the “Moroccan Versailles” an imperial city with a Spanish-Moorish architecture, surrounded by huge stone walls with ancient historic doors. After lunch, we will head to the Granaries and the Royal stables, before we go for an educational visit of the Torah Synagogue and the Jewish quarter, we will also pass by the Jewish cemetery to pray for the passed away souls of this land, then we take route to the ancient city of Fes for dinner and overnight.


Good morning, sip your coffe at your terasse overlooking the majestic medina walls and the atlas mountains, Then, you will visit the ancient Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque and University, founded by a Muslim woman, the University opened its doors in 859. Fes is surrounded with a large wall from the medieval Marinid era, vibrant souks and medina streets almost like a labyrinth, you guide will take you to visit one of the biggest tanneries in the country, still using traditional methods, the rooftop of the tanneries offer a panoramic view of the Medina and the surrounding mountains. then off to discover the pottery factories onfoot; the souk, the square and the NejjarineFountain, and outdoor views of the Karaouyine Mosque in heart ofMedina. The narrow streets are busy and you’ll need to watch out for thedonkeys. Then, we will make our wat to the Mellah, then Maimonides cemetery to learn about the famous Jews who passed away in this ancient city and how much difference they made. After that, we will head to the Danan and Fes Synagogue to learn about the history of these sacred places.


Today, we will visit a colourful little town called the capital of cherries, south of Fes is known as little Jerusalem due to its high population of Jews living in this sacred land and its well developed religious life and ceremonies. Upon Morocco’s independence, a Rabbi from Sefrou was elected to parliament. SefrouMellah makes up more than half of the old city. On our way, we will visit the Bhalil Cemetery, Sefrou was once a major center for Morocco;s Jews for multitude of reasons and its walled white pedestrian Medina Is still preserving the Jewish designed houses with wooden balconies. A great example of interfaith dialogue can be witnessed in the city of Sefrou. In Sefrou lived muslims and jews in good harmony door to door and practiced their religious rituals together. For an educational and historical visit, we will head to the MedrassaBoulnania. Overnight and dinner at your hotel.


Today we travel throught the atlas mountains to reach the red city, this incredible road trip goes through one of the most scenic roads in Morocco. Enjoy the views and stop by a local village to discover handmade products and taste some typical Moroccan cuisine before reaching Marrakech for dinner and overnight.


Today after your first Moroccan breakfast, we will go back in time centuries back to discover the mysteries of this amazing red city. We will start at the Bahia palace, known for its incredible gardens, built in the 19th century, built to be one of the greatest palaces of its time from which derives the name Bahia: Brilliance. We will continue our time travel through the Medina walls in the direction of the highest building in Marrakech, The Kououbia Mosque, known as the mosque of the booksellers, follow your guide through the minarets while he explains to you the history of this marvel.

After your delicious launch getting a taste of Morocco, we will head to the koranic school Ben Youssef, named after the Almoravid Sultan who made Marrakech a known place worldwide, this school is the largest Madrassa in Morocco. Once done, we will head to the Jewish Mellah to shop for the best leather and pottery Morocco can offer. Later we head for tea at sunset to enjoy the golden views of the Jamaa El Fna Square. After your fabulous Moroccan tea, we will stroll like a king and queen in your horse carriage around the city and visit the famous Majorelle gardens known internationally, walk around the cactus trees and visit the museum to discover the berber heritage of the country, once done, head for the Menara gardens overlooking the Marrakchi city life. Head back to your hotel for a 5-star dinner and overnight.


Wake up at your pace and enjoy the Marrakech sun, once your breakfast is done, we will head west in the direct of the coast of Morocco to the city Essaouira, this port city is protected by an 18th century wall named the Skala of the Kasbah and old brass cannons lining the calls, designer by the Portuguese and other European engineers to show the marvel of the Atlantic ocean. If wind surfing is your thing, Essaouira is known all over the world and holds international surfing competitions. Many of Essaouira’s homes still have the star of David above the doorways of Jewsih homes. Each year religious Jews from around the world coes to Essaouira for an annual pilgrimage to visit the grave of Rabbi Haim Pinto who passed in the 1845. The Hiloula celebrating Rabbi Pinto is held each September. A generation ago there were Jewish Inhabitants in Essaouira, however today there is just one known family left called the Jacky Kadoch family and other descendants of other Jewish families who come seasonaly. Jacky Kadoch is the president of the Essaouira Jewish community.


Rest today and enjoy the souks at your pace, it’s been a long journey, head to a Moroccan Hammam spa and get scrubbed with Moroccan oils and relax for a candle lit dinner at your hotel.

DAY 10 Departure

Seems like your holiday is over and we definitely will expect you again for another tour of our beautiful Morocco. Depending on your flight, we will escort you to the airport on time and wish you a safe flight back home.

  Included in your Package

-Stay accommodation
-Breakfasts & Dinners
-Transportaion by Van or 4X4 with fuel for entire journey equipped by an air-conditioning system.
-Desert experience by 4x4
-Camel Tours (sunset, sunrise)
-Mineral water in the car + wifi

  Not Included in your Package

-Alcoholic or soft drinks
-Personal purchase
-Quad Bikes
-Entrance fees to the museums and historical monuments mentioned below (optional)